The Crystal Earth Project is a global movement to
transform humanity through Mother Earth’s new cosmic energies

The mission of the Crystal Earth Project is twofold: 1) To grow a powerful energy grid of Crystal Earth Seeds, planted below ground in sacred places around the globe, that amplify earth energy and make it more accessible to humanity; and 2) to provide special Healing Tools for individuals to engage directly with, and benefit from, the growing Crystal Earth Energy Grid.

This is a great time of evolutionary change on Mother Earth. Although the transformation taking place is inherently life-supporting, it is also creating some strain and instability for individuals and societies. The Crystal Earth Project is working to help accelerate and stabilize a transition to peace, balance, and individual fulfillment.

To date, Crystal Earth Seeds have been planted in more than 30 locations around the globe. These Seeds are connecting to and amplifying the unique frequencies inherent in these locations and making them more accessible. As the Crystal Earth Energy Grid grows, it helps to bridge the vibrational gap between the collective consciousness of mankind and the newly elevated frequencies of Mother Earth.

Origins and History

Matthew Reifslager founded The Crystal Earth Project as a vehicle of service for those who are moved to help facilitate humanity’s healing and spiritual awakening during this unprecedented time on earth.

Matthew’s gift and mission in life is as a multidimensional healer, spiritual teacher, and visionary of powerful technologies that can help individuals and societies rise to new heights of evolution. For many years Matthew has worked in the field of energy medicine, helping people overcome disease and suffering through innovative, multidimensional means.

The inspiration for the Crystal Earth Project initially came from Grandmother Nakai Breen, a renowned Cherokee medicine woman who had visions of a crystal technology with the potential to transform mankind. Grandmother Nakai passed this inspiration along to Matthew and his family. The specific crystalline technologies being utilized by the Crystal Earth Project are the result of Matthew’s inner guidance and cognitions.

Crystal Earth Project Activities

Crystal Earth Energy Grid

Interactive Seed Planting Map
The Crystal Earth Project is planting Crystal Earth Seeds around the globe. Planted two to three feet below ground, these Seeds connect into the earth’s existing crystalline grid and link with each other energetically.

Due to the unique design of the Seeds, nourishing planetary energies are amplified and radiated into the earth environment. The more Seeds that are planted, the more powerful the effect and benefit for humanity.

Over the past several years, more than 30 Crystal Earth Seeds have been planted in places of significance and planetary power, including the Himalayas, the Andes, Israel’s Mt. Carmel, Mt. Shasta, Mt. Haleakala, Australia and the Tetons. Additional plantings are being planned. Everyone is invited and encouraged to take part in this endeavor.

Crystal Earth Healing Tools

The Crystal Earth Project offers three special healing tools that connect you energetically with the Crystal Earth Energy Grid.

  • Crystal Earth Seed: These healing tools are designed to engage and amplify the nourishing energies of Mother Earth. They support alignment with, and attunement to, the higher frequencies of the earth and cosmos. Placed in your environment, a Crystal Earth Seed can promote physical and spiritual transformation.
  • Crystal Earth Pendant: Crystal Earth Pendants help align your physiology with the enlightened frequencies of Mother Earth. Wearing one of these unique and beautiful pendants is an easy way to connect to the crystalline energy grid being created by the Crystal Earth Project.
  • Crystal Earth Yantra: This is a sacred object that connects you to the Crystal Earth Grid, a multidimensional energy field created by Crystal Earth Seeds planted around the world. The 27 points of the Yantra correspond to cosmic influences currently affecting Mother Earth and mirror the structure of the Crystal Earth Seed.

Join Us


Your tax-deductible donations fully fund the Crystal Earth Project. This significant global work is sustained and grown by supporters such as yourself. Your contributions directly enable the project to:

  • Grow and strengthen the benefits of the Crystal Earth Seed grid
  • Offer free healing telegatherings and meditations
  • Provide timely knowledge and education
  • Offer tools to support personal healing and spiritual awakening

We invite you to make a meaningful difference in the world by joining our Crystal Earth Stewardship Circle with a monthly donation of $108. Our Stewardship Circle anchors our project’s ability to fulfill our mission in a timely way.


The Crystal Earth Project is a volunteer-based non-profit initiative. If you are interested in volunteering for special events or for ongoing project support, please email us at hello@crystalearthproject.org and a project representative will be in touch!


At this pivotal time for humanity it is critical that we actively engage with the millions of other conscious citizens making positive change in the world, to empower the synergies in all of our work.

We host and participate in regular interviews and dialogues with aligned humanitarian and spiritual organizations and networks.

Please be in touch with Angela Lynch, our project director, if you would like to connect with the Crystal Earth Project for interviews and other opportunities. angela@thewholeness.org

About the Organization

The Crystal Earth Project is an initiative of The Wholeness, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Board of Directors:

  • Matthew Reifslager, Chairman
  • Nancy Kerr-Walker
  • Kenneth Hardin


  • Angela Lynch, President
  • Nancy Kerr-Walker, Vice President
  • Ben Adelo, Secretary/Treasurer
Project Leaders:

  • Matthew and Alessandra Reifslager
  • Angela Lynch
  • Carol Miseo-Hardin and Ken Hardin
  • Walter and Ellen Reifslager
  • Nancy Kerr-Walker
  • Ben Adelo

Contact Us

Contact Information

Angela Lynch
Project Director
Email: angela@thewholeness.org

Carol Miseo-Hardin
Coordinator of Crystal Earth Seed Plantings
Email: carol@thewholeness.org

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The Crystal Earth Project is an initiative of The Wholeness, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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