A Global Project for humanity’s upliftment and spiritual awakening.

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Indigenous traditions universally honor Mother Earth as the great being whose energies heal and awaken humankind. The Crystal Earth Project engages and amplifies these powerful energies for our personal and collective transformation.

Planting the Crystal Seed was energetically and spiritually moving. I was transformed and transfixed by the experience. Every one of us walked away blessed in some form, more awakened by the Seed’s crystalline energy.”

—Joyce Bogosian, participant at a Crystal Seed planting

Project Origins


The inspiration for this project comes from Grandmother Nakai Breen, a renowned Cherokee medicine woman.

In visions and conversations with the great Vedic master Parashara, Nakai was shown the profound timeliness of building crystal temples to transform the lives of humankind.

Grandmother Nakai shared her vision and heartfelt resolve with founding members of The Wholeness, who created a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling this mission.

Ways to Participate

Make a Donation
Your donations are essential to the success of this project. They help fund our activities and allow us to bring our message to the world.
Help Build
Help Build the Santa Fe Pavilion
Your time, skills and expertise can help us take the first step toward construction of sacred crystalline structures around the world.
Wear a Pendant
Wear a Pendant
Tap in to the Crystal Earth Seed energy grid by wearing one of these pendants. It will help anchor you to Earth's enlightened frequencies.
Read the Story
Read and Share The Story
The Vision, Book One – Nakai tells the inspiring story behind our shared mission to build the crystal temples.
Support the auction
Project Benefit Auction
We recently held an online auction featuring world-class artwork, services, and more. Selected items are still available for purchase in our shop.
Plant a seed
Plant a Seed
Help strengtheen the Crystal Earth Seed energy grid by planting a Seed or donating to fund one of our many Seed projects.

Crystal Earth Pavilion for Humanity’s Awakening

We are bringing people together to build crystal temples in sacred places around the world. A signifiant step is underway with the first Crystal Earth Pavilion in New Mexico!

Grandmother Flordemayo offered this blessing at the project’s inaugural celebration:


Mayan healer Grandmother Flordemayo is founder of The Path, whose Seed Temple project preserves traditional knowledge and heritage seeds. Flordemayo is a founding member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, who represent a global alliance of prayer, education, and healing for our Mother Earth.

Beloved Creator, beloved spirit of the infinite, Mother of the great mystery, beauty of the sacred dawn: Thank you for the beauty that you bring to us at this sacred moment.

You call upon us as the messengers of the Light that we are, so that we can co-create this beautiful, beautiful temple of Light — this geometric temple of beauty that you are asking for millennium for us to create, beloved Creator.

I see the beauty that you are showing me, the wisdom of the sacred geometry, beloved Creator. We have lived in those sacred temples of Light and now, these physical temples of your beauty, beloved Creator.

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Angela-homeDear Friends,

The seed vision for the Crystal Earth Project was first shared with my family many decades ago. Since that time, this project’s mission has resonated with a growing number of people who have furthered this global initiative.

If you feel whispers of resonance with any aspect of this project, I invite you to participate.

I welcome your questions, ideas and experiences.
Please email me: angela@thewholeness.org

With love and appreciation,

Angela Reifslager Lynch
Director of the Crystal Earth Project