Crystal Earth Project Introductory Webcast

Replay of October 6th, 2016 Introductory Webcast


Project director Angela Lynch and Alan Hutner of Transitions Radio Magazine discuss the vision and origins of this timely project. Ken Hardin and Matthew Reifslager, leaders of Mahavakya Crystal Technology, explain the attributes and applications of this unique and universal crystal technology.


The enlightening energies of Mother Earth are one of our greatest evolutionary resources. Through an Archangelic crystalline technology, the Crystal Earth Project amplifies Mother Earth’s healing frequencies for humanity’s transformation.

We are bringing people together to construct temple-like structures in sacred lands around the world. These large buildings will engage Mahavakya Crystal Technology to radiate powerful Earth frequencies for our personal awakening and collective upliftment.

Introducing Mahavakya Crystal Technology

The healing power of crystals has long been recognized and considered sacred in most indigenous cultures. Mahavakya Crystal Technology amplifies planetary and cosmic energy to support humanity’s healing and spiritual awakening.

In addition to building large crystal structures around the world, the Project offers other applications of this ancient crystalline technology to support our individual and collective transformation at this unique time on Earth.

Crystal Earth Seeds amplify healing Earth energy for humanity’s upliftment.
Crystal Seeds have been planted in some of the most holy lands on Earth.
Pendants of this crystalline technology align the wearer with balancing Earth energy.
Crystal Beacons radiate a protective field and are customized to your land.


Nakai-300The inspiration for this project comes from Grandmother Nakai Breen, a renowned Cherokee medicine woman.

In visions and conversations with the great Vedic master Parashara, Nakai was shown the profound timeliness of building crystal temples to transform the lives of humankind.

Grandmother Nakai shared her vision and heartfelt resolve with founding members of The Wholeness, who created a non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling this mission.


Webcast Hosts

angela-live-streamingAngela Lynch is director of the Crystal Earth Project and president of The Wholeness nonprofit. From a young age Angela understood that her life work involved gaining and sharing knowledge for this transitional time on Mother Earth. Fortunate to be born into a spiritual family and community, she has received during her whole life deep knowledge, inspiration and support.

Angela has over twenty years experience creating, developing and directing programs for intentional holistic communities and wellness spas. She has served as project manager and editor of business plans for several international development projects focused on healing and awakening. In recent years Angela authored / edited two books of spiritual content.

alan-live-streamingAlan Hutner is the producer and co-host of TRANSITIONS RADIO MAGAZINE, now in its 25th year on air. TRM is a Santa Fe-based new paradigm program focused on socially conscious issues and resources for a better world. It airs Sunday mornings on KBAC FM 98.1 Radio Free Santa Fe.

Hutner served as News and Public Affairs Director for KLSK FM and, as a popular Santa Fe personality, has hosted TV shows, and emceed and produced community multi-media events. He has produced independent videos and television projects, developed and facilitated transformational events and concerts, and written articles for a variety of publications. He was a partner/editor of The Santa Fe Sun newspaper.

Hutner has served on various boards and on the Mayor’s Public Access Television Committee. He has been honored nationally by Citizens for Health as a health freedom activist and by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services/F.D.A. for his work on health fraud and quackery.

Featured Guests

kenny-holding-seedKen Hardin is Director of Mahavakya Crystal Technology. He worked in the jewelry industry for 24 years, 19 years of which as owner/operator of Austin Americus Diamond, a prominent independent diamond retailer in Austin, Texas.

Ken provided hands-on attention to every aspect of the growth of the business. Attention was given to deliver quality merchandise at attractive pricing in an easy and informed atmosphere. Ken sold his interest in Americus to his partner, having helped create what was at the time the largest diamond retailer in the greater Austin metropolitan area.

Ken and his family have invested extensive time and funds in philanthropically supporting charities, schools, and service organizations and in administrative and Board roles for various charities.

Ken was part of the original vision and design teams for the Crystal Earth Seeds. He has been part of many numerous Seed plantings domestically and abroad, and acts as the chief training and administrative consultant for the Crystal Earth coordinator team. He is spearheading efforts to secure the crystals, the funds, and the sacred sites needed to realize this global vision. His quest has already lead him to travel to some of the most powerful places on Earth, presenting knowledge and developing a direct means to establish sites for the Mahavakya Crystal Temples.

matthew-webcastMatthew Reifslager is the founder of Mahavakya Crystal Technology. He is a spiritual healer who works with celestial master healers and multidimensional energies. In his energy healing work, Matthew offers support for illness, life challenges, and personal transformation. His work also supports spiritual growth, emotional freedom and human potential.

Although his work is spiritual in nature, it offers practical and profound benefits in life — healing from illness and disease, awakening to your inner light and power, overcoming the triggers of fear and suffering, and transforming your relationship to yourself and others.

Matthew has a multidimensional and energetic perception of human physiology. His methods of healing (and corresponding teachings) come from spiritual activations and awakenings in consciousness.

Matthew was blessed with mentors who identified his potential as a healer and supported his education. In addition to his ability to perceive and engage the energetic pathways of the body, Matthew has training and extensive knowledge of the human physiology, including its structural, systemic and environmental makeup.

Matthew utilizes distinct transformational energies in his work. These energies are a part of the universe and can facilitate healing for the mind, body and emotions.