Update: Crystal Earth Pavilions

Our Site Team has been diligently working to secure the needed approvals to close on a beautiful 30-acre property outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This outstanding potential site for the first Crystal Earth Pavilion came forward last summer after the Inaugural Event weekend in Santa Fe. We feel blessed to share a deep alignment of mission with the property owners, and together we are cooperating to expedite all the logistics and County approvals needed for a secure site acquisition.

The Wholeness plans to establish three initial Crystal Earth Pavilions — one in northern New Mexico, one on Maui, and one in the greater Los Angeles/ Malibu/ Ojai/ Santa Barbara area — to offer Mahavakya Crystal Technology on a large scale, allowing people everywhere the opportunity to experience its life-affirming, consciousness-shifting energies.

In addition to our focus on advancing the Santa Fe Crystal Earth Pavilion, this year we have also begun actively exploring sites on Maui and in California, as we ride the wave of intention and manifestation for our global project.

Artist rendering of Santa Fe Crystal Earth Pavilion