Crystal Temples

Meditating In Old TempleThe highest goal of the Wholeness Crystal Earth Project is the eventual construction of nine Mahavakya Crystal Temples.

Located where Mother Earth’s transformational vibrations are especially lively, these all-denominational radiators of Earth’s healing energy will use large crystals and copper to amplify and generate the purity of Mother Earth in a profound way.

They will crown some of the most sacred points on Earth – including the Himalayas in Nepal, the Peruvian Andes, the Australian outback and Southern France. The existing planetary forces in such special locations have been appreciated by humankind for millennia, serving as places of global pilgrimage for peoples of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The transformational energies inherent in these powerful lands will be dramatically amplified by the multidimensional crystal technology employed in the Temple design. Each Temple site will be unpopulated. Each must be large enough to preserve the potency of Mother Earth’s clear energies, undiluted by human collective consciousness.

The Mahavakya Crystal Temples will be universally exquisite in cosmic geometry and aesthetics. However, each Temple’s design will vary from location to location, honoring and incorporating indigenous materials and local laws of nature. And while these unique buildings themselves may be inspiring in appearance, their purpose is purely functional. They will serve as a place of interface for the large, powerful crystals anchored within them, and the human consciousness they will fundamentally transform.

Desert MoonA Crystal Earth Temple will soon be constructed in New Mexico and will welcome visitors of all faiths and paths from around the world.

This Crystal Earth Temple is the first step in a long-held vision of sacred crystalline structures to be built around the world.

The Crystal Earth Temple will be a destination for direct spiritual experience — rather than a place of organized teaching, worship or particular beliefs.

This all-denominational structure will serve and empower those who are looking for direct experience of their own inner divinity. It will enshrine two significant crystals, engaging and radiating the sacred, life-giving frequencies of the Earth and greater cosmos.

It will be a place for personal experience of Creator and Creation, whatever one’s religious or spiritual orientation. For those who are prepared, visiting the energy field of the Crystal Earth Temple may help trigger a true and sustained spiritual awakening — a spontaneous shift to a new reality, both subjective and objective.

The Design

Temple-subscribeThe Crystal Earth Temple brings forward a multidimensional crystalline technology of planetary and stellar energies. The two main crystals – anchored into the Earth below and suspended above the main temple room – are its principal and essential elements.

The temple plan reflects a number of sacred geometries, reinforcing its alignment with the many multi- dimensional layers of cosmic and human physiology.

The spherical main room (measuring 36 feet in diameter) will be anchored by a large quartz crystal grounded deep in the Earth and will be crowned by a companion crystal atop the domed building.

Private cave-like spaces for personal meditation and experience will encircle the main crystal. Smaller temples encircling the main building will likewise afford opportunities for personal immersion in the structure’s amplified new earth frequencies.

Why New Mexico?

Interior-of-PavilionThe land of New Mexico is considered deeply suitable for the creation of this initial Crystal Earth Temple. There are certain places where the healing, enlightening energies of the Earth are most lively. People consider these “places of power” or sacred lands. New Mexico has long been appreciated for the transformational energy inherent in its lands and its rich spiritual history and mythology.

In the greater Santa Fe area lie geologic and energetic features linked to other areas of great power in the world. The special Earth energies in this area are ideally suited for the illumination of the first Crystal Earth Temple.

The Crystal Earth Temple can be a building of great significance – both in its own right and as the hub of a constellation of crystalline structures to ultimately crown our awakening Earth in coming times.

Project Update

Pavilion-ExteriorThe team of volunteers that is working on the Santa Fe Pavilion Project is happy to report significant progress in recent months.

We now have a practical, comprehensive and inspiring design for the first Crystal Earth Pavilion, to be built in New Mexico. This process has helped us become acquainted with the unique energetic and architectural values of this cosmic structure and has sharpened our focus on the search for an appropriate building site.

The team wishes to extend heartfelt thanks to Lynne Marshall and Elaine Arnold of Chip n Scribble. These world-class artists have jumped into the project with great enthusiasm — generously contributing considerable time and talents. They helped illuminate key aesthetic and cosmic considerations for the Pavilion plan, all grounded in construction reality and illustrated with remarkable computer design skills.

“From the moment we began to work with the Team to start manifesting the design concepts for the Pavilion, it has been expansive, joyful, and nourishing to our hearts. We have both experienced a tangible shift of awareness, as if we have stepped into another level of functioning, a different ‘frequency’… If this is what it feels like to be working with the concepts and designs, we truly look forward to the full experience of physically entering into the Crystal Earth Pavilion in Santa Fe, and beyond.”

— Lynne and Elaine


DSC00372The design and planning over the last year was based on decades of incubation of the initial inspiration which Grandmother Nakai Breen shared from the Vedic Master Parashara in the 1980’s.

Pavilion design committee members Don Wallis, Walter Reifslager, and Diane Datko have each contributed insights and discoveries in consciousness to create many levels of wholeness in the Pavilion plans.

Based on this comprehensive design for the Crystal Earth Pavilion, construction plans and a cost estimate can now be created to help guide planning and fund-raising. In addition, the design details of this unique structure have helped to define special compliance needs for the building site.

The search for suitable crystals for the Pavilion has also been underway. Although we have a number of excellent contacts in the world of crystal mining and sourcing, any further suggestions are welcome.

Once the main crystal has been selected, refinements to the final building design will be made to attune the structure to the brilliant energies of Mother Earth that it will radiate.


An invitation to you:

It is now time to gather the resources to build this Pavilion — a place that will offer direct experience of awakening outside the boundaries of beliefs or rituals. This Pavilion will anchor the nine larger Mahavakya Temples to be built over time in auspicious places around the world. We invite you to contact us regarding fund-raising or other suggestions.

And we welcome you to participate in the manifestation of this first Crystal Earth Pavilion in whatever way you wish. Email