Project Leaders

The Crystal Earth Project is an initiative of The Wholeness, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to serving humanity’s healing and awakening. The Wholeness organization honors a profound truth – that the primordial energy of Mother Earth is one of our greatest and most fundamental resources.

The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project is working to share a universal crystalline technology that amplifies these enlightening Earth energies for humanity’s benefit and blessing.

Meet the project leaders

President of The Wholeness
Director of The Crystal Earth Project

From a young age Angela understood that her life work involved gaining and sharing knowledge for this transitional time on Mother Earth. Fortunate to be born into a spiritual family and community, she has received during her whole life deep knowledge, inspiration and support.

Angela has over fifteen years experience creating, developing and directing programs for intentional holistic communities and wellness spas. She has served as project manager and editor of business plans for several international development projects focused on healing and awakening. In recent years Angela authored / edited two books of spiritual content.

Ken-in-Nepal-300x317KEN HARDIN
Coordinator of Mahavakya Crystal Technologies

Ken was part of the original vision and design teams for the Crystal Earth Seeds. He has been part of many numerous seed plantings domestically and abroad, and acts as the chief training and administrative consultant for the Crystal Earth coordinator team.

Ken spent 24 years in the diamond jewelry industry. He is sprearheading efforts to secure the crystals, the funds, and the sacred sites needed to realize this global vision. His quest has already lead him to travel to some of the most powerful places on Earth, presenting knowledge and developing a direct means to establish sites for the Mahavakya World Temples.

Walter-in-the-TetonsWALTER REIFSLAGER
Coordinator of the Crystal Earth Pavilion of New Mexico

Walter has played leadership roles in consciousness-based development projects for over 35 years. His in-depth experience in real estate development includes assembling and leading teams to acquire and develop special sites for intentional master planned communities. He has also helped plan, fund and administer unique spiritual buildings in a number of states, including meditation domes and halls incorporating cosmic architecture.

It was through one such development venture that Walter began his friendship with Grandmother Nakai Breen, the Cherokee medicine woman who reminded him of the service he is here to provide in helping create the Crystal Pavilions.

Don-with-Nakai-and-Sayan-300x317DON WALLIS
Coordinator of Design and Construction

Don has been instrumental in the on-going application of The Wholeness crystal technologies, including overseeing the precise manufacturing of Crystal Earth Seeds and Beacons. He leads the design team for the Crystal Earth Pavilion.

A retired attorney and custom homebuilder, Don had inner visions of energetic crystal structures most of his life. During a fortuitous meeting with members of The Wholeness in 2010, he learned his visions aligned closely with the crystal structures being brought forward by The Wholeness team. Since that time, Don has played a leadership role to bring these ancient, cosmic, crystal technologies to life in a manner appropriate for this age and this planet.

In the picture at right, Don is seen with Grandmother Nakai installing a Crystal Beacon in her medicine wheel.

Coordinator of Crystal Seed Plantings

Carol’s passion to serve humanity has found many homes and hearts over the past 35 years. Experienced in leadership, teaching, and volunteer positions, Carol has worked with the Red Cross disabled senior citizens program, taught special education, was the director of a private elementary school, and helped to build the volunteer parent society of a private high school.

Carol’s organizing power is a force of nature, which she in turn utilizes during her teaching and healing work. The profound love that flows from Carol’s heart and entire being during her private and group healing sessions has earned her a reputation as an extremely powerful yet down-to earth energy healer.

Carol brings decades of devotion to spiritual practice and meditation, as well as advanced skills of energy healing to her work with The Wholeness and in her private practice as a Certified Energy Practitioner.

Carol was part of the original group inspired directly by Grandmother Nakai in the 1980’s and has worked closely with founder of The Wholeness, Matthew Reifslager, since its inception.

Coordinator of Community Outreach, Crystal Earth Pavilion

For many decades, Bob has played leadership roles in championing conscious and sustainable development in the global hospitality industry. Formerly the founding President of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, Dallas, Texas, and later the developer of the Inn of the Anasazi in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Bob has brought his unique vision of oneness, grounded spirituality and social responsibility to many landmark properties and leading organizations around the world. He has served on the Boards of John Denver’s Windstar Foundation, 25 Years Advisory Board of International Institute of Peace Through Tourism (IIPT), Center for Responsible, Environmental and Sustainable Tourism (CREST), Washington, D.C., and received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Sustainability from the Green Spa Network in 2012 as well as the Visionary Award from the Green Spa Network in 2015. Bob has also served as a guest lecturer at Cornell University School of Hospitality Management and at the International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin, Germany.

Bob and his wife, Dolores, residents of Santa Fe for over 24 years, have enjoyed a long time working relationships with the leaders of The Wholeness and find deep personal alignment between the Crystal Earth Pavilion and their own deeply held visions for humanity. Their great life enthusiasm and leadership experience is now helping bring this project of local, regional, and planetary significance in to a wider public awareness.