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The Great Need for Transformation

The Great Need for Transformation


• a world as nourishing as the most incredible place you’ve been
• Earth’s sacred healing energies in your home and workplace
• soaking up those healing vibrations every day

Would it change your life?

Most people live in a place that is deeply effected by the immediate environment.

If you are living in a city, every moment of the day your body is affected by the vibrations of the city.

Even if you are not directly interacting with the stress in the environment, most sensitive people can feel it — no matter what.

Why? Because you feel the vibrational intensity of the environment.

Some people can experience enlightenment, or awakening, in this situation. But it is much more challenging.

bigstock-Morning-Mist-On-The-Bay-42395899If you live in tune with nature, your body is constantly nourished by the vibrations of Mother Earth. Your human being, the body you dwell in, begins to hum with the peace and presence of Earth energy.

Enlightenment is much easier to experience!

bigstock-Himalaya-Mountains-43956478Yet so much of the world is not in tune with this reality. So many people plug into the energy of cities rather than the energy of the Earth below us.

Mother Earth is an incredible source of healing power. She is a great awakened planet reverberating with light. She is intelligent. Just look around. She is incredible!

bigstock-Majestic-sunset-in-the-mountai-26905619What if there was a way to attune our bodies — whether we live in a bustling city, or in a treehouse in Zimbabwe — to be in harmony with the holy vibrations of Mother Earth?

This is our mission!

We use crystal and copper technologies to amplify the holiest energy on Earth and make it accessible in your living environment.

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