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The Creation of an Energy Grid

The Creation of an Energy Grid


One of the main focuses of the Crystal Earth Project is the establishment of a powerful grid of Earth energy.

This grid is created by planting “Crystal Earth Seeds” in the most powerful sacred places on Earth.

The Crystal Earth Seeds are specially made to harness and amplify the subtle healing energies of our planet. As each Seed is planted, it forms a connection with the others, and increases the accessibility of Earth’s energy for the nourishment of us all.

What is the sacred energy grid?

Energy, in it’s most subtle form, is “prana”also known as “universal life force”. It is the foundation and essence of all life; the energy and vitality that permeates the entire Universe. This life force energy flows in everything that exists.

Mother EarthMother Earth has been in the process of a great Awakening. She has become a conscious planet, a conscious being – conscious of her own great divinity. And with this, the life force energy of Mother Earth has grown in strength and power. We call this life force energy sacred because it is the purest, most powerful expression of God’s Love.

This is important to you as a human being on Earth because of the intimate relationship between earth physiology and human physiology. In fact, your human body is quite literally a cell in Mother Earth and her life force energy is essential for you to reach your full potential.

Connecting the power spots of Earth

When you visit a holy place, it is amazing. You can feel it; it is very real. And these place are called holy for a reason. They are power-spots on Mother Earth – where her nourishing and transformational influences flow freely.

Castle Nimrod in IsraelThese sacred spots are like the meridian points of Earth. When you visit them, you plug into Earth energy in condensed form.

The goal of The Wholeness Crystal Seed Project is to plant seeds in every holy site on Earth and create the most powerful energetic grid possible.

To date, Crystal Earth Seeds have been planted in the Andes, the Himalayas, Mt. Haleakala, the Tetons, Mt. Shasta, Israel, France, Australia, Canada, Ireland, California, New Mexico, Hawaii Texas, Colorado, and many other locations.

In the end, our goal is have 10,000 Crystal Earth Seeds in the ground in order to create the most powerful energetic grid possible.

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