Share the Project

There are many ways to participate in this universal project. We invite your creativity in helping it grow. You are always welcome to share suggestions and synergies with Angela Lynch, the project director.

Help us connect with others around the world

One of the easiest, most effective ways you can help is by sharing this initiative with others you feel may have the inspiration or means to significantly support it.

In addition to telling others about our events and website, here are a few ways you can effectively share this project and opportunity of service.

personal-introductionMAKE A PERSONAL INTRODUCTION – If you have business contacts you think would enjoy hearing about this project, or friends who have similar interests, please make an introduction! You may email our Project Director at and she can arrange a personal meeting with one of the Project Leaders and your contact.

invite friendsINVITE FRIENDS TO AN EVENT – In the coming months there will be several events in Santa Fe and around the country, to introduce this project and the Crystal Earth Pavilion. We invite you to bring friends you think would find some resonance with this vision.

host-eventHOST AN AWARENESS OR FUNDRAISING EVENT – If you have a network you are involved with, or some friends you would like to hear about this project we would love to coordinate with you and plan an event in your home or your community. Please email to let us know of such interest.

ambassadorsJOIN OUR AMBASSADOR PROGRAM – There are so many people we want to share this project with. If you are feeling connected to this initiative and want to network with others, we would love your participation in our Ambassador Program. Please email for more details.


In addition to sharing this initiative with others, you can explore:

seed-peru-smallOrganizing a Crystal Earth Seed Planting
Do you live in an amazing place? Are you journeying to a sacred land? We can support you crowdfunding to plant a Crystal Earth Seed in a place of personal significance.

pavilion-smallHelping to build the first Crystal Earth Pavilion
As we take this initiative to its next step of materialization, we look forward to working with the many new people who also feel called to participate in constructing this all-denominational Crystal Earth Pavilion. More…

Give-Now-smallSupporting the Auction for Awakening, a national charitable auction
Santa Fe artists, healers, humanitarians and long time residents are organizing a National Charitable Auction to raise funds for the Crystal Earth Pavilion project.

beacon-smallExperiencing the technology
Mahavakya Crystal Technology acts as a tuning fork, bringing our human physiologies into greatest alignment with enlightening Earth energy. The Project offers many applications of this universal crystal technology to support individual and collective healing and awakening at this unique time on Earth. More…