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Large Crystal Beacon Deposit
Deposit: $2,450.00
Large Crystal Beacons range in price from $4,900 to $6,000.

The large copper beacons measure about 9’8” from the ground to the top of the upper crystal. They contain the largest crystals of any of our models. The exact height varies depending upon the height of the crystals used in each beacon. There is a 1” copper rod protruding downward about 38” from the bottom of the above- ground portion of these beacons. This rod, which has a gold leaf tip, is buried in the ground.

Large beacons hold an upper crystal that draws healing, protective, subtle energy from the cosmos and a lower crystal that draws similar energy from Mother Earth. Each crystal is individually selected to energetically align with the person who purchases the beacon and the land where the beacon will be placed.

The large beacon transmits powerful subtle energy over the largest area of land of any of our beacons. Learn more…

Begin your purchase by signing the Large Crystal Beacon Agreement Form.

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