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Crystal Earth Mandalas
8″ x 8″ print on artist watercolor paper

Price: $10.00 each (or get all three for $25.00)

Crystal Earth Mandalas are connected to life-giving planetary and stellar energies. They engage a number of sacred geometries, reinforcing their alignment with multi-dimensional layers of cosmic and human physiology.

Mandala A
Mandala B
Mandala C

The Crystal Earth Mandalas are an essential aspect of the Crystal Earth Pavilions to be built around the world.

The design of the Crystal Earth Pavilion was inspired by visions first shared by the Vedic Master Parashara with Cherokee Medicine Woman Grandmother Nakai Breen, and since experienced by many others.

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(only available in Santa Fe, NM; Laguna Beach, CA; Austin, TX; and Fairfield, IA)

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