Purchase a Bone Throw Ceremony


Price: $260.00 – One available: proceeds go to the Crystal Earth Project

Peruvian Divination in the ways of Ka Ta See

throwingbonesBone Throwing is an ancient Peruvian healing art, a Calling of the Spirits Ceremony, which offers empowering guidance from the vast perspectives and extraordinary ‘doctoring’ shared by the Spirits in the bone bundle. Personal healing, relationships, where to live, financial well-being, life purpose, clarity for next steps in your path…what would you like to ask the Spirits?

“Your Bone Throw far surpassed in depth, clarity, and accuracy the many astrology, intuitive, and numerology readings I’ve had. The Bone Throw answered a number of key questions about my career and where to live, providing me an inspiring roadmap to take my next steps with a sureness and joy in my heart.” — Gratefully, Doug Rouse