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Crystal Seed Planting in Sedona

On May 25th, you are invited to a special ceremony with honored indigenous Grandmothers from around the world. Higher Earth and cosmic frequencies will be engaged as we gather in Sedona and plant a Crystal Earth Seed to support humanity’s healing and transformation at this pivotal time.

Indigenous traditions universally honor Mother Earth as the great being whose energies heal and awaken humankind. Crystal Earth Seeds offer a unique technology to engage and amplify these beneficial energies for our personal and collective transformation.

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Earth Day in Orlando

This Earth Day, April 22nd, you are warmly invited to a special presentation on the Crystal Earth Project in Orlando, FL.

Learn about The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project, a global community of conscious individuals working to reconnect humanity with our planet, with each other, and with the cosmos.

Project leaders Carol and Ken Hardin invite you to join them in honoring Mother Earth’s powerful divine frequencies and hear about the project’s vision and origins.

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Gathering For Humanity

We are honored to co-host the first Gathering for Humanity, a powerful and timely 5 day retreat conference for unity and awakening at this pivotal moment on Earth. It will be May 16 to 20, 2018 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Join indigenous elders and other spiritual voices in guidance, blessings, sacred ceremony and higher wisdom. Experience the potent transformational energies of the Santa Fe area.

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Crystal Earth Seed Planted in Ireland

On August 21st, the day of the full solar eclipse, a Crystal Earth Seed was planted in the magical lands of Ireland. Seed Champion Elisa Wike Hurley shares her experience:

The energies on this land are clear and spacious. Ancient connections merge with the new, benevolence bursting, a stunning aliveness beneath our feet…

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Insights into the future of the Crystal Temples Project in Santa Fe

We recently had a gathering in Santa Fe to present the progress so far on the Pavilion.

Jonathan Cruz did a Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) reading for the project. JoAnne Dodgson did a traditional Throwing of the Bones ceremony. These both gave valuable insights for the future of the Crystal Temples Project

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Update: Crystal Earth Pavilions

Our Site Team has been diligently working to secure the needed approvals to close on a beautiful 30-acre property outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This outstanding potential site for the first Crystal Earth Pavilion came forward last summer after the Inaugural Event weekend in Santa Fe.

In addition to our focus on advancing the Santa Fe Crystal Earth Pavilion, this year we have also begun actively exploring sites on Maui and in California, as we ride the wave of intention and manifestation for our global project.

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“Born In Radiance”

Join us on February 19th at the Radiance Golden Dome in Austin, TX as we share stories of the Crystal Earth Project.

This global initiative has its roots in Austin. Hear about the birth and progress of this project to build Crystal Earth Temples in sacred places around our planet.

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Hana Seed Planting

On January 20th, a Crystal Earth Seed was planted in Kiphaulu Valley, near Hana on the island of Maui. One of the custodians of the land shared her experience:

“Recently, we had a ceremony at my family farm where we planted a “seed” for World Peace. It was a turning point for me in my lifelong pursuit of peace and gentleness. Our ceremony was so heartwarming and sweet, it was a magnificent experience that we followed with a dip in the pools that make our farm so entirely wonderful.”

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2016 Highlights

It has been a tremendous year of growth for the Crystal Earth Project.

We have had expansion in so many areas, including through the Benefit Auction, webcasts, community participation, and have made substantial progress on the first Crystal Earth Pavilion to be built outside of Santa Fe.

What a delightful year it has been!

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Year End Celebration in Santa Fe
December 6

madi-lightWe hope you can join us for our end-of-year celebration on Tuesday, December 6th from 5:30p-8:00p at Neptune Gallery, 728 Canyon Road in Santa Fe.

It has been an exciting year for the project as the Santa Fe community has come together to support building the first Crystal Earth Pavilion. We look forward to discussing the sacred geometry of the Pavilion and having another insightful Q&A with everyone!

During the evening we will have the drawing for the BENEFIT RAFFLE to conclude our Auction for Awakening which closes December 7th. If you haven’t yet gotten a chance to bid in the auction, now is the time!

We are honored to have Madi Sato and the Song Carriers open the evening and feel it will be the perfect fulfillment to a dynamic and expansive year!

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Santa Fe Community Gathering
November 9

neptune-gardenPlease join our upcoming community gathering on Wednesday, November 9th, from 5:30-7:30pm, at Teresa Neptune’s gallery, 728 Canyon Road, in Santa Fe.

We are thrilled to have Rick Bastine (offering crystal singing bowls) and Walking Star (offering Native American flute) open the evening with a 45 minute sound healing concert. Following the sound healing concert, we will enjoy a group discussion with everyone, as that seemed a wonderful way to share and hear new ideas and ways to expand the project. We will transition to a potluck dinner together and can continue to visit individually and in groups. Thank you to everyone that brought such delicious dishes last month, hopefully people will be inspired to do the same this time around!

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New – Donating Artists Video Blogs

nav-artThe project has been fortunate to receive donations from internationally collected and award-winning artists. We hope you enjoy watching these short Artist Blogs as they share the inspiration for their work and support of the project.

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Watch the Crystal Earth Pavilion Webcast

Learn about and participate in an exciting project to create Crystal Earth Pavilions on sacred lands around the world. These temple-like structures will:

  • Honor all paths and spiritual traditions
  • Engage a unique and universal crystal technology to amplify transformational earth and cosmic frequencies
  • Offer a harmonizing space for personal and collective healing and spiritual awakening

We look forward to sharing updates and details of this exciting project with you, including how award-winning artists and humanitarians are organizing a charitable auction to begin to raise resources for the first Crystal Earth Pavilion.

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Watch the Project Introductory Webcast

intro-webcast-collageProject director Angela Lynch and Alan Hutner of Transitions Radio Magazine discuss the vision and origins of this timely project. Ken Hardin and Matthew Reifslager, leaders of Mahavakya Crystal Technology, explain the attributes and applications of this unique and universal crystal technology.

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Inaugural Event in Santa Fe
August 19, 20 and 21

InauguralpicMany people joined local artists, humanitarians, healers, and musicians as we introduced the Crystal Earth Project to the Santa Fe community.

This 3-day event took place in a beautiful Canyon Road gallery and featured presentations, guest speakers, music and ceremony, and an art exhibition and reception.

A significant step for the project is underway as we prepare to build the first Crystal Earth Pavilion in New Mexico.

Many people expressed a desire to be part of this unique and universal initiative to amplify powerful Earth frequencies for our personal and collective upliftment!

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Indigenous Grandmothers Plant Crystal Earth Seeds to Welcome the Spring Season

FLordemayo-seedThe Crystal Earth Project was honored to support two universal Grandmothers as they recently hosted Crystal Seed plantings on their sacred lands.

Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo, of The Path, inaugurated the spring season at her 40-acres in Estancia, NM. This beautiful day of ceremony culminated in a Crystal Earth Seed planting.

Grandmother SaSa planted a Crystal Seed on her property in West Ossipee, NH, moments before opening the spring Medicine Hoop of Life for The Rose and The Swan Healing Center.

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We are Now Accepting Original Art and Other Donations For Our National Charitable Auction

Archangel-Raphael-72Support a National Charitable Auction to raise funds for the first Crystal Earth Pavilion, to be built in New Mexico. Santa Fe artists, healers, humanitarians and long time residents are taking part in the initiative.

Our online auction platform will feature the bio and website link for each donor, and will be promoted to a list of over 500,000 conscious, affluent buyers.

You can participate by being a donor, a sponsor or by spreading the word!

Every contribution makes a difference, as together we help heal our global community in a unique and lasting way.

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The First Crystal Earth Pavilion is Now in Active Development in New Mexico!

Pavilion-ExteriorThe team of volunteers that is working on the Pavilion is happy to report significant progress in recent months.

We now have a practical, comprehensive and inspiring design for the first Crystal Earth Pavilion, to be built in New Mexico. This process has helped us become acquainted with the unique energetic and architectural values of this cosmic structure and has sharpened our focus on the search for an appropriate building site.

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