Mount Carmel Israel Seed Planting

On September 22, 2013 a Crystal Earth Seed was planted on Mount Carmel, in the sacred land of Israel. Seed Champions Carol Hardin, Lynda Newman, Michael Ritter, Mike Datko and Matthew Reifslager share reflections of their pilgrimage:

Israel is a relatively small country but carries a big presence in the world. As the ‘home base’ of some of the great religious doctrines of the world, it is an ideal place to receive a Crystal Earth Seed into its holy lands.

Everything about the land in Israel feels important to the world… the knowledge, the wisdom, and the ancient energies it emanates can tell us a lot about ourselves.

Before the Seed installation on Mt. Carmel we spent many days journeying through Israel. When we first arrived there was an unmistakable feeling of coming home. Many of us felt like we had been there before, and were returning to a place of deep personal significance.

Visiting the various religious and cultural sites gave a certain local feeling for each place, but it was the palpable power and love oozing from the lands that offered a deeper connection to the area.

We found as we pilgrimaged to these ancient places that we felt not just the tradition, but what inspired that tradition in the first place.

The primary resonance was feeling the connection to God in the everyday. We experienced so much more harmony and respect than what is often focused on by the media. The different religious faiths are woven into the culture so deeply, and with a beautiful synergy. A Jerusalem shopkeeper who offered (without pay) to act as our guide said:

I go to Temple there is God
I go to Church there is God
I go to Mosque there is God

Walking the streets we felt the inherent power in the land, the tangible laws of nature that support this cultural and historical wellspring. You could feel why so many people are vying for control of this land.

The incredible blessing of being in the holy land was feeling that the ‘veil between dimensions’ almost didn’t exist. I felt superfluid in the dimensions… I could be and feel the sacred spaces all around me.

Walking to the area to plant the Crystal Seed was that same experience of superfluid grace. The land called to us in a gentle way until we found the right spot.

I think I was grinning ear to ear during the whole afternoon as we dug the hole to plant the Crystal Seed and expand the crystalline matrix for the project.

When the Crystal Seed was taken out to prepare for our planting that day, there was something different about it.

In my subtler perceptions the Seed was radiating more light. I asked if the design had been altered in any fashion and the answer was no, nothing had been changed.

I understood the Seed was preparing to connect with the holy energies of this place and join with the other seeds around the world.

It is so joyful to know this Seed planted in Israel will allow people all over the world to share the energies of this beautiful place which has brought great meaning and blessings for millions of people.

In gratitude to the living wisdom of the higher realms that grace the Earth in compassion, forgiveness, love and peace… May the Crystal Seed project blossom with this planting in Israel. May all of the religions of the world begin to heal as we honor the commonality of the love, the peace, the presence, the divinity that dwells in all our hearts, and ultimately in our actions.

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