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Mother Earth and Human Physiology

Mother Earth and Human Physiology

Mother Earth has been experiencing a great Awakening.

She is experiencing an upshift in cosmic frequency and dimensional identity unlike any other in the vast span of her existence.

This reality, on a planetary level, is important to us on the human level because of the intimate relationship between Earth physiology and human physiology. In fact, each human body is quite literally a cell in Mother Earth.

At this time, like no other, Mother Earth’s energies are dynamically stirring human consciousness and events.

These transformational energies can be assimilated by awakening individuals and groups to stabilize and complete their alignment with the greater cosmic body of which they are a part.

Mahavakya Crystal Technology, which is of Archangelic origin and design, allows human beings — as sentient cells within the more sentient planetary physiology— to more completely connect and align with holistic influences within the greater Earth physiology.

Elemental CtrsIn this way, the Earth’s own elements are utilized to heal and awaken the cells and make them receptive to these influences.

Specifically, Earth’s now elevated frequencies are amplified by crystals administered by Mother Earth herself, in order to shift those human beings on the cusp of their own phase transition into stabilized higher functioning and service within collective humanity.

Mahavakya crystal technology not only amplifies powerful, transformational Earth energy but acts almost as a tuning fork, aligning the frequencies of human physiology with Earth physiology and allowing the healing earth energy to be most smoothly and fully metabolized by the human body.

A brighter and more enlightened world can only be reached by a great leap into a more awakened reality.

The ancient word Mahavakya embodies that supreme utterance, that master stroke which allows for the great leap.

In this context, it is a supreme expression of the benevolent energy of the Earth herself which is capable of allowing humanity’s “great leap” — nothing less than a dimensional shift from one’s old identity to a fully elevated, empowered existence thereafter.

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