Maui Seed Plantings

Two Crystal Earth Seeds have been planted on the magical island of Maui,
amplifying its ancient healing energies for the world.

The first Crystal Earth Seed installed on the planet was at Mt. Haleakala, Maui on the summer solstice of 2013.

In ancient Hawaiian, Haleakala means “House of the Sun”. It is often referred to as the Earth’s heart chakra, a source of unconditional love which radiates throughout the planet.

The islands of Hawaii are considered some of the most potent and active power places in the world, each island offering a unique flavor of energy. Maui, with its red dirt and varied energetic and geologic features, is especially celebrated as a place of deep healing and transformation.

Matthew Reifslager shares, “The planting of a Crystal Seed is a most significant thing. Made of copper, crystal and space, Seeds are powerful generators of Divine Mother Earth’s energy. As these Seeds are installed around the world they connect many places of pilgrimage and make the natural radiance of Mother Earth — God within the structures of the Earth — more accessible to for our human experience.”

Along with Matthew, Diane Datko was present at this first Crystal Seed planting and offers the following reflections on her experience:

“On Maui land with a radiant crystal seed and a handful of digging tools, the perfect space is here among a small grove of eucalyptus trees with lush green foliage surrounding us as far as the eye can see.”

“With joyful hearts, loving intentions, the ground is broken and the first crystal seed now rests in Mother Maui’s warm embrace.” 

bright sky
early morning dew
foliage glistening
whispering eucalyptus trees
a perfect space
heart center of the land
with joyful intentions
reaching an earthly resting space
Maui’s warm embrace
welcomes the first crystal seed
Mahalo Nui Loa

Three and a half years after the first Crystal Earth Seed was planted, another was installed on Maui in the Kipahulu Valley, near the town of Hana.

Lori, one of the custodians of the land where this second Maui Seed was planted, shares her experience: “Recently, we had a ceremony at my family farm where we planted a Seed for World Peace. It was a turning point for me in my lifelong pursuit of peace and gentleness.”

“It was a privilege to share this moment and our intent as we buried a copper representation of our Earth with crystals suspended inside. Our ceremony was so heartwarming and sweet, it was a magnificent experience.”

“After we planted the seed for WORLD PEACE, we planted a mango tree on top, knowing that the fruit of this tree will be imbued with our intent. Blessed be, I am fortunate to have shared this moment with my son Dionisio.”

Bob Sherwin, another participant at this Seed installation: “I had the honor and privilege of being part of a Crystal Seed planting on Maui in January of last year. It was extremely special. The elementals and nature are all paying attention… you can feel it in that moment. It inspired one of our group to spontaneously began to chant, to offer a song that was very powerful and in synchronicity with Earth. There’s some kind of magic that happened in that moment. I was so grateful to be a part of that. I’m excited for the impact that it’s going to have for who knows how far around. The way that these Crystal Seeds that have been planted all around the world, and the way they connect with each other and the Earth, creating their own grid that connects through all of us and this planet.”

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