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Video Interview with Madi Sato

Video Interview with Madi Sato

In August we had the great pleasure of talking with Madi Sato, founder of Praising Earth and Singing Waters. Madi and her husband Timothy McLaughlin have been allies and supporters of the Crystal Earth Project for many years. Recently we collaborated as co-hosts of the Gathering for Humanity, a conference for unity and awakening.

As a respected Elder, Madi was gifted a Crystal Earth Seed to support her charitable work in her local (and our global!) community. Enjoy this interview as Madi shares her experience with the Crystal Earth Project, including insights about the timeliness work being done, and a powerful healing song inspired by the Crystal Earth Seed.

It’s really important at this time on our Earth that we’re coming together in this way… We are at a critical point, we need to begin to share the knowledge and what’s coming through. We need to utilize those gifts and knowledge that are coming through at this time. I have been learning so much, and I have been remembering so much, by just spending time with this Crystal Seed. We are working toward the same thing. There is no need to divide into camps, but really like the waters teach us, we are here to flow together. — Madi


About Madi Sato

I am a singer, teacher and ceremony leader of Ainu (Indigenous Japanese) and Irish heritage. I was raised by a mother who followed the Cherokee spiritual ways. I have been singing to the rivers, trees, animals and holy beings since I was a young girl. I used to go and sit by the river and listen to the sounds of the Earth and sing back to them what I heard. My love of song and music has set a path before me.

My singing began in nature and then moved into Cherokee ceremony and then I found my way to the music of blues, gospel, and r&b and had a fifteen-year career as a recording and performing artist. I made three albums of my own music during this time.

Now I lead communities in song and prayer, locally and nationally. In recent years, I have returned more and more to nature and begun to hear and harvest new medicine songs of the Earth and Waters, which is a tremendous blessing and a great responsibility. I know these songs hold the power to heal people, lands and beings of all forms. They are also expressions of praise pouring from our hearts for all that the Earth provides—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Singing Waters is devoted to raising women’s voices in song to enliven Earth’s waters and houses the Song Carriers Women’s Circles & Immersion Trainings, Basket of Seeds Grandmothers’ Alliance and the International Earth Songs Archive.

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