Ireland Crystal Seed Planted

On August 21st, the day of the full solar eclipse, a Crystal Earth Seed was planted in the magical lands of Ireland. Seed Champion Elisa Wike Hurley shares her experience…

It’s a “soft” evening, a bit of mist falling, and we are about to begin the crystal seed planting on Pat and Eveline Noone’s family land, Green Hills Farm near Killconnell in County Galway.

The energies on this land are clear and spacious. Ancient connections merge with the new, benevolence bursting, a stunning aliveness beneath our feet.

Pat begins the initial digging as we feel our way into this mystical adventure. Local shamanic tribal drum maker Daithi Dubh and his amazing wife, Michelle, dig in as well. Angela Miele lifts our hearts with her crystal bowl sharing, and the powerful energies of the eclipse contribute.

As the planting is concluding, our group of all ages gathers in a final circle. Recognized is the resonance of love for each other, our earth, its mysteries, and all that is beyond.