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How Seeds are Made

How Seeds are Made

Crystal Earth Seeds use Archangelic Technology to help transform our World!

IMG_9743Our crystals are freshly mined from a reputable source in Brazil and cut to our specifications. They are free from human intention and programming.

We use 100% copper and crystal in our seeds because they are both remarkable amplifiers of Earth energy.

IMG_9711The Seeds are hand assembled by members of our team across the US.

The design is based on a 9-pointed yantra, a sacred geometry form in 3-D.

IMG_9721The 27 nodes on the Crystal Earth Seed correspond to the 27 nakshatras, or star systems, that most effect Mother Earth.

Each Crystal Seed is made to order — Order yours today!

Our Crystal Earth Seeds use Archangelic Technology to anchor the vibrations of Mother Earth and radiate them to all of humanity.

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