Help With Building And Design Costs


The Crystal Earth Pavilion brings forward an Archangelic crystalline technology of planetary and stellar energies. The Pavilion plan reflects a number of sacred geometries, reinforcing its alignment with the many multi- dimensional layers of cosmic and human physiology.

The spherical main room (measuring 36 feet in diameter) will be anchored by a large quartz crystal grounded deep in the Earth and will be crowned by a companion crystal atop the domed building.

Private cave-like spaces for personal meditation and experience will encircle the main crystal and afford opportunities for personal immersion in the structure’s amplified new earth frequencies.

We are actively fundraising for Pavilion construction and design costs.Your tax-deductible donations can help to quickly materialize this long-prophesied structure!

The Crystal Earth Project is an initiative of The Wholeness, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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