Help Plant a Seed – Cloudcroft, NM

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Please come…come with us for a brief journey onto the mountaintops above Cloudcroft, New Mexico to a place where a very special event blossoms each August. Come…feel the warmth of the sun and the chilly embrace of the high mountain air. Smell the heady aroma of sun- kissed earth, the evergreen trees, and summer flowers. Hear the wind in the Standing Ones and the cries of the Hawks circling above with their blessings; and, most of all, feel the river of Unconditional Love that flows endlessly here in this spot. Why have we brought you here, in particular? Because for 27 years, people of all faiths, spiritual paths, beliefs, and cultures have gathered here in harmony and yearning for connection and healing. We come to learn, to share, to connect deeply with ourselves, with others, and with the Great Mother. This magical and devoted group of magnificent individuals fly under the banner of the Rainbow Bridge Clan. We celebrate in ceremony with the sacred pipe, humble sweat lodges, and through the sweet medicine of Dance and the Sacred Drumbeat. So many prayers have been spoken here and many prayers and healings answered. We have listened with open hearts to visiting elders and to our wee ones equally as they all have great wisdom to share. It is this sweetest of spots on our Mother Earth that we seek to welcome a Crystal Seed.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin.

With Great Love and Gratitude,

Brett Messer (Co-founder of the Rainbow Bridge Clan, Healing Hearts Intensives and The Gathering of Circles)

Natalie Benningfield (Loving Partner in Life)