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A Crystal Earth Pavilion will soon be constructed in northern New Mexico and will welcome visitors of all faiths and paths from around the world. This Crystal Earth Pavilion is the first step in a long-held vision of sacred crystalline structures to be built around the world.

A beautiful 30 acre site has been identified outside of Santa Fe, NM and we are actively fundraising to secure the land for the first Crystal Earth Pavilion.

The land of New Mexico is considered deeply suitable for the creation of this initial Crystal Earth Pavilion. There are certain places where the healing, enlightening energies of the Earth are most lively. People consider these “places of power” or sacred lands. New Mexico has long been appreciated for the transformational energy inherent in its lands and its rich spiritual history and mythology.

In the greater Santa Fe area lie geologic and energetic features linked to other areas of great power in the world. The special Earth energies in this area are ideally suited for the illumination of the first Crystal Earth Pavilion.

Your tax-deductible donation will help with the land purchase!

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