Hana Seed Planting

On January 20th, a Crystal Earth Seed was planted in Kiphaulu Valley, near Hana on the island of Maui. One of the custodians of the land shared her experience:

“Recently, we had a ceremony at my family farm where we planted a “seed” for World Peace. It was a turning point for me in my lifelong pursuit of peace and gentleness. Our ceremony was so heartwarming and sweet, it was a magnificent experience that we followed with a dip in the pools that make our farm so entirely wonderful.

“It’s a privilege to share this moment and our intent as we buried a copper representation of our Earth with crystals suspended inside, then we prayed, sang and offered maui flowers and honey to show our gratitude and respect. After we planted the seed for WORLD PEACE, we planted a mango tree on top, knowing that the fruit of this tree will be imbued with our intent. Blessed be, I am a fortunate woman to have shared this moment with my son Dionisio.”