The Crystal Earth Project was honored to support two universal Grandmothers at recent Crystal Seed plantings

I was transformed and transfixed by the experience. It was energetically and spiritually moving. Every one of us walked away blessed in some form, more awakened by the Seed’s crystalline energy.

— Joyce Bogosian, participant at Grandmother Flordemayo’s planting



Grandmother SaSa (Joyce Bryant) hosted a Crystal Seed planting on her home grounds in West Ossipee, New Hampshire on June 4th. The Seed was planted moments before opening the spring Medicine Hoop of Life for The Rose and The Swan Healing Center.More than 40 family and friends from all over the country participated in the planting, including Joyce’s husband, Terry Bryant, Grandmother Flordemayo and members of The Path, Jen and Flo Jello, and Ken and Carol Hardin from The Wholeness.

The Seed planting was a beautiful, moving experience for the many people present, who together celebrated and honored Mother Earth’s awakening energies.

Grandmother SaSa spent many years under the guidance of Grandmother Nakai, who initially received the vision that has inspired the Crystal Earth Project. Joyce has developed a very close and supportive relationship with The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project.

The Wholeness wishes to thank the Bryants and their staff assistants, Jen and Flo, for their amazing hospitality and energy in hosting this milestone event, and we look forward to many future collaborations.





Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo of The Path inaugurated the spring season on May 7th at her sacred land in Estancia, NM, with a beautiful day of ceremony culminating in a Crystal Earth Seed planting.

Women and seeds are the carriers of the next generation. We will be planting the Crystal Seed in the womb of Mother Earth — celebrating women, men, the grandmothers and grandfathers and all the children.
— Grandmother Flordemayo

Over 100 people gathered for the Estancia Seed planting, including founding members of The Wholeness and others who traveled long distances to attend the day’s events.

Before installing the Crystal Seed in the Earth, Grandmother Flordemayo carried it to every person so they could take a moment and connect with its energies. People made offerings of corn, holy water, flowers and other items of significance. The experience of the Seed planting was further elevated by the primordial music of Madi Sato and the Song Carriers.

The Wholeness is grateful to The Path for their deep support and championing of the Crystal Earth Project.