Monthly Telegathering & Global Healings

You are invited to a monthly gathering for insights and attunements to navigate this time of great change on Mother Earth.

During these global events we will gain greater understanding and compassion for our human being-ness, while simultaneously opening and grounding to higher multi-dimensional Earth and cosmic intelligence.


Wednesday, September 12th
11:30 am & 5:30 pm Pacific Time


This is a great time of evolutionary change on Mother Earth.

Although the transformation taking place is inherently life-supporting, it is also creating some strain and instability for individuals and society.

The Crystal Earth Project is working to accelerate and stabilize our world’s transition to peace, balance, and individual fulfillment.


Together we will explore:

  • our humanity and our divinity
  • Mother Earth as a great planetary Being
  • higher cosmic frequencies now available through the Crystalline Grid
  • our project’s values and activities
  • the value of aligning with other awakening groups and individuals
  • attunements to our highest soul wisdom and remembering


The mission of the Crystal Earth Project is to serve humanity’s full healing and spiritual awakening. We are helping reweave our connection with ourselves, with each other, with our planet and with the cosmos.

Indigenous traditions universally honor Mother Earth as the great being whose energies heal and awaken humankind. Our project champions a crystalline technology of peace to engage and amplify these powerful energies for our personal and collective transformation.

Part of our work includes planting Crystal Earth Seeds in sacred lands around the world. Crystal Earth Seeds are designed to amplify, connect and radiate Earth energy for the benefit of humanity. The goal of this initiative is to align our collective awareness with the higher vibrational frequencies of Mother Earth. Already Crystal Seeds have been planted in the Himalayas in Nepal, the Peruvian Andes, the Canadian Rockies, Mt. Carmel, Israel, Mt. Haleakala, Maui, Mt. Warning in Australia, and many other places of personal and global significance.

These monthly gatherings will be hosted by Matthew Reifslager, founder of the project, and Angela Lynch, project director.

Matthew Reifslager
Angela Lynch