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Crystal Earth Global Healing Telegathering

March 1

| Free
Crystal Earth
Global Healing Telegathering

Next date to be announced

These free monthly telegatherings provide you with insight and perspective for navigating this time of evolutionary change on Mother Earth. You will also receive attunements to the support of newly elevated earth and cosmic frequencies.

Although the transformation taking place on earth is inherently life-supporting, it is also creating some strain and instability for individuals, and for society as a whole.

  • The physical and energetic events happening on the planetary, solar, and galactic levels are significantly impacting humanity, both physically and spiritually.
  • As the earth slowly reaches a vibrational apex, our sensitive crystalline physiologies need grounding and integration, as much as they need awakening.
  • Newly elevated cosmic frequencies are now available to us through Mother Earth.
  • When we attune with the new earth energies, we benefit from the nourishing support that they can provide us.

Matthew Reifslager, founder of the Crystal Earth Project, is the host of these monthly telegatherings. He offers knowledge and insight each month, along with an energy attunement to the healing frequencies of Mother Earth.

Matthew is a multidimensional healer, spiritual teacher, and medical intuitive. He founded The Crystal Earth Project as a vehicle of service in this unprecedented time on earth for those who are moved to help facilitate humanity’s healing and spiritual awakening.

The specific crystal technologies developed by the Crystal Earth Project, and their applications, are the product of Matthew’s inner guidance and congnitions.

About the Crystal Earth Project

The Crystal Earth Project is a global movement to transform humanity through Mother Earth’s new cosmic energies.

The project is establishing a powerful grid of Crystal Earth Seeds, planted below ground in sacred places around the globe. The unique design of these Seeds allows them to tap into and amplify the unique frequencies inherent in these locations, and make them more accessible in the environment and to the human physiology.

To date, Crystal Earth Seeds have been planted in more than 30 locations. As additional Seeds are planted and the grid increases in strength, we expect to see the vibrational gap between the collective consciousness of mankind and the elevated frequencies of the planet become less. In time this should help to accelerate and stabilize a transition to peace, balance, and individual fulfillment on earth.

For individuals to take personal advantage of the Crystal Earth Energy Grid in their own lives, several Healing Tools have been made available that are directly connected to the underground network of Seeds. As the strength of the grid grows with the planting of additional Seeds, these Healing Tools automatically embody this upshift.


March 1




The Crystal Earth Project

The Crystal Earth Project is an initiative of The Wholeness, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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