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Crystal Earth New Moon Healing

March 1

Crystal Earth
New Moon Healing

Next date to be announced

There is an opportunity during the new moon to take time to regenerate. This is when the moon sits quietly in her own energy without the reflection of the sun. Join Carol Miseo-Hardin as she guides you inward, with a breath and awareness practice, to align with these energies and bring them forward throughout the month.

There are moments in the rhythms of our lives when we take some time and start anew; with fresh perspectives. We wake in the morning to greet a new day, taking a holiday to regenerate our body & spirit, or opening the closets to change our clothes for the next season.

  • The lunar cycles correspond to the process of activity and rest. The full moon is the pinnacle, the culmination of the cycle. While the new moon is an inward time, when the moon sits in the silence of all possibilities and prepares to rebirth itself.
  • The new moon is symbolic of the opportunity we are given again and again, once per month, to start anew. The new moon is a perfect time for meditation, reflection, and setting intentions. The nourishing new moon energies are there to support us.

Carol Miseo-Hardin is a Certified Energy Practitioner with her own private practice. She has worked closely with founder Matthew Reifslager since the inception of the Crystal Earth Project. Currently she serves as director of Crystal Earth Seed Planings and manager of the Crystal Earth Healing Tools.

Carol brings decades of devotion to spiritual practice and meditation to her work with the Crystal Earth Project, as well as advanced skills of energy healing and teaching.

Carol’s passion to serve humanity has found many homes throughout the years, including working with the Red Cross disabled senior citizens program, teaching special education, directing a private elementary school, and helping to build the volunteer parent society of a private high school.

About the Crystal Earth Project

The Crystal Earth Project is a global movement to help transform humanity using Mother Earth’s new cosmic energies.

The project is establishing a powerful grid of Crystal Earth Seeds, planted below ground in sacred places around the globe. The unique design of these Seeds allows them to tap into and amplify the unique frequencies inherent in these locations, and make them more accessible in the environment and to the human physiology.

To date, Crystal Earth Seeds have been planted in more than 30 locations. As additional Seeds are planted and the grid increases in strength, we expect to see the vibrational gap between the collective consciousness of mankind and the elevated frequencies of the planet become less. In time this should help to accelerate and stabilize a transition to peace, balance, and individual fulfillment on earth.

For individuals to take personal advantage of the Crystal Earth Energy Grid in their own lives, several Healing Tools have been made available that are directly connected to the underground network of Seeds. As the strength of the grid grows with the planting of additional Seeds, these Healing Tools automatically embody this upshift.


March 1




The Crystal Earth Project

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