Crystal Earth Inaugural Event

matthew-and-angela-sundayHundreds of people came together for the Project’s Inaugural Weekend in Santa Fe. Many incredible champions of light from the community shared their words, music, and blessings in support of this initiative.

This 3-day event took place in a beautiful Canyon Road gallery and featured presentations, guest speakers, music and ceremony, and an art exhibition and reception.

A significant step for the project is underway as we prepare to build the first Crystal Earth Pavilion in New Mexico.

We look forward to co-creating with the many people who expressed a desire to be part of this project to amplify powerful Earth frequencies for our personal and collective upliftment!

What a blessing! This event was beautiful, very intimate, the speakers on Crystal Earth Project were delightfully presented and with so much heart. We were all blessed to hear of the visions of the Crystal Earth Project.

There was a crystal planted at this location. We gathered around it listening to Grandmother Flordemayo who blessed us with her heart-felt prayer for Mother Earth and for us all to come together in peace. James Jereb shared his experience with Stardreaming. We were all so engaged! The event was held at Neptune Art Gallery with a display of amazing art. It was topped off with decadent food from the Love Yourself Cafe from the Light Vessel. Madi Sato and Timothy McLaughlin ended the evening with sacred song and poetry and prayer! It was one of my fondest moments in Santa Fe.

I love crystals, art, Grandmother Flordemayo, James Jereb, Crystal Earth Project, the community of Santa Fe, great food, and prayer & song! Good for the heart, body, mind and soul. THANK YOU!!

—Francine DiGeorgio
Owner of Crystal Nation
Promoter for Unify Fest
Ambassador for Emergence: Earth



Many people shared beautiful words and blessings to anchor this timely project.

Grandmother Flordemayo

Beloved Creator, beloved spirit of the infinite, Mother of the great mystery, beauty of the sacred dawn: Thank you for the beauty that you bring to us…
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Matthew Reifslager

The Crystal Earth Project is only here to reveal to you your own self-love. It is not here to love you — but to show you your own self-love…
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Alan Hutner
(aka Rudy)

We live in incredibly powerful times!
Frequencies from intense to sublime
Duality at play
In almost every way…
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