Crystal Earth Beacons

Laura-Beacon-PicA personalized and powerful application of Mahavakya Crystal Technology is available in the Crystal Earth Beacons.

Dynamic vibrational transmitters, each Beacon acts as a miniature Temple and emits a field of healing energy that purifies and nourishes the land and its occupants.

Crystal Earth Beacons create portals of enhanced access to the multidirectional, multidimensional energies that flow between the heart of Mother Earth and the heart of the Cosmos. When installed in a home environment, they bring the combined blessings of both.

Don Wallis, who oversees Beacon construction, explains how the technology works:

“The crystal attracts healing and integrative energy from Mother Earth and also from the cosmos. The two sources of energy combine and stream upward above the property the beacon is located upon. This energy then cascades downward, in what I call an umbrella-like pattern, creating healing and energetic integration for the beings and land beneath.

“The crystals are individually selected so that the energy of each crystal is harmonious with the energy of the individual and the property where the Beacon will be installed.

“It is important to note that we DO NOT program the crystals. In fact, any prior human intentions or influences are cleared by a member of the team who works closely with the crystal energy. This prepares the crystal to receive the dynamic energy and influence of Mother Earth.”


crystal-beacon1Crystal Earth Beacons are constructed of copper and suitable quartz crystals, with a small amount of gold being the only other material. Like the larger Mahavakya Temple crystals, Beacon crystals are chosen for their inherent neutrality, structure and presence.

The crystals used are able to cleanly amplify and transmit the Earth’s universal life force without distortion. Free of human programming, these Beacons serve as simple, grounded extensions of Mother Earth’s physiology, bathing its human cells in Earth energy.

Crystal Earth Beacons are available in several different sizes. The smaller Crystal Earth Beacon is composed of a single suitable crystal atop a properly dimensioned copper rod. It is then anchored in the Earth on the owner’s property.
The larger Beacons contain both a base and a crown crystal, which are chosen for compatibility with one another and for harmony with the energetics of the installation site and its steward.

Everyone has individual needs, desires and life purpose. Each person lives in a place with a certain climate, topography, and density of population. Crystal Earth Beacons harmonize all these factors, bringing greater balance to the life.

Beacons come in 3 sizes and price points.

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