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What people are saying about the Crystal Earth Project

Evolutionary Artist Kimberly Webber speaks about
sacred geometry and the Crystal Earth Pavilions

Award winning photographer Teresa Neptune
talks about the joy of service and giving back

Abstract Artist Ann Burgund shares
why she supports the project

Spiritual Artist Douglas Walker speaks on
the timeliness of the project for humanity

Miriam Goodman

My soul is craving this type of steadfast commitment to truth and loving awakening.

As I read “The Vision” about Grandma Nakai Breen and the Crystal Earth Project, I could literally feel the cosmic beckoning of all the necessary components toward the actualization of this project and my own awakening, and I find myself swept up in the momentum!

lynne-elaine2“From the moment we began to work with the Team to start manifesting the design concepts for the Pavilion, it has been expansive, joyful, and nourishing to our hearts.

“We both experienced a tangible shift of awareness, as if we have stepped into another level of func- tioning, a different ‘frequency’…

If this is what it feels like to be working with the concepts and designs, we truly look forward to the full experience of physically entering into the Crystal Earth Pavilion in Santa Fe, and beyond.”

—Lynne and Elaine

I am one of many now synchronizing our work with the earth’s foundational beats and rhythms. The Crystal Earth Project is a beautiful vehicle to join if you are called to amplify the earth’s inherent wisdom and healing for the benefit of all.”

—Susan Slotter, Artist, Santa Fe NM

Elisa Wike Hurley, Artist, Santa Fe NM

The Crystal Earth Project is a beautiful sparkling facet of light, working toward greater connection to all realms and energies of light. Imagine a stunning temple structure for young and old to visit, to increase the vibrations of love on our planet. I am grateful and honored to be a part of this Divine effort, to offer my heart and art in support.”

I resonate with projects that seek to uplift humanity, improve the world, give back to the community, or otherwise embolden people to embody a way of life that matters to them most.”

—Keith Carlson, NC-BC
Holistic Life Coach

What a blessing! This event was beautiful, very intimate, the speakers on Crystal Earth Project were delightfully presented and with so much heart. We were blessed to hear of the visions of the Crystal Earth Project. It was one of my fondest moments in Santa Fe.

“Good for the heart, body, mind and soul. THANK YOU!!”

—Francine DiGeorgio

Alan Hutner (aka Rudi)

Terrestrially to celestially From which we drew life force energy
And what would the Crystal Earth Project bring
To you and me
To all of we
Trusting in geometric form Copper and crystal energy Aligned in perfect geomancy Earth to the stars
Unleashing our unified spirituality
Crystals engaging and radiating
Life-giving frequencies
Of the earth and Creator Cosmic energies
To emit and heal our human physiology
Re-tune our biology

Rick Bastine, Sound Healer

I feel very blessed and excited to be part of a project that is in support of humanity’s healing and spiritual awakening. I love the intention of supporting Mother Earth in her continual quest to assist us in our transformation process. This project is in alignment with my personal path and purpose in this life.”

Kennedy Braden, acclaimed author, speaker and International Peace Ambassador

What I love about the Crystal Earth Project is the vision and means for us to resonate so strongly with the Earth that she can heal us— and we in turn can heal one another and heal our own visions of what is possible, in partnership with her vitality. The following of this vision that I see in everybody working with this project is immense. The care and wisdom of the Earth is very clear in their hearts and minds and this is the real path forward and the real healing that can occur.”

Mayan Grandmother Flordemayo
Universal Healer

“Beloved Creator, beloved spirit of the infinite, Mother of the great mystery, beauty of the sacred dawn: Thank you for the beauty that you bring to us at this sacred moment.

“You call upon us as the messengers of the Light that we are, so that we can co-create this beautiful, beautiful temple of Light — this geometric temple of beauty that you are asking for millennium for us to create, beloved Creator.

“I see the beauty that you are show- ing me, the wisdom of the sacred geometry, beloved Creator. We have lived in those sacred temples of Light and now, these physical temples of your beauty, beloved Creator.”

Planting the Crystal Seed was energetically and spiritually moving. I was transformed and transfixed by the experience.

“Every one of us walked away blessed in some form, more awakened by the Seed’s crystalline energy.”

—Joyce Bogosian

JoAnne Dodgson
Healer & Universal Teacher

The Crystal Earth Project is filled with love — for the earth, for humanity, for all life. I’m deeply grateful for the ancient knowledge and technologies being shared, for the sacred spaces which help us remember and be who we really are.”

I feel a strong desire and need to help uplift and radiate more light for humanity in whatever ways I can. The Crystal Earth Project feels like a very powerful tool to help do so.”

—Rhea Saint, artist, Santa Fe NM

Candace Caldwell, LMT, Santa Fe NM

It is so important to focus on and participate in a project for world peace and transformation— especially in these times. I am grateful for the vision of the Crystal Earth Project.”