Austria Seed Planting

On July 16th, 2018 a Crystal Earth Seed was planted in the mountains of Styria, Austria. 
Seed champions Marion and Arthur Pollack share their experience.

Greetings from Gröbming. The mountains here are exquisite both energetically and visually. We planted the Seed at the foot of a beautiful mountain called Stoderzinken.

We climbed to the top of it yesterday. The place we chose felt like a sacred place.

The region of Styria is known as the “green heart” of Austria. 

Near the summit of Stoderzinken is Friedenskirche, the Chapel of Peace. 

We found a sweet spot off a hiking trail in a small meadow surrounded by trees. The digging wasn’t difficult. It had been raining and the ground was soft. As we got deeper, we could feel the power of the Earth’s energy.

I had the most powerful experience of expansion, digging deeper and deeper into the Earth. I wasn’t expecting that, to feel so expanded when digging down, going deep into the Earth like that.

And as we were finishing digging the hole, the ground seemed to loosen and energetically welcome the seed!

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