2016 Highlights

Mahavakya Crystal Technology Expansion and Education

Over 250 people attended an introduction to the Crystal Earth Project and experienced the power of the Crystal Earth Beacon at the Inaugural Event in Santa Fe.


5 Crystal Earth Seeds were planted in 2016 in the following locations: Estancia, NM, West Ossipee, NH, Crested Butte, CO, Fairfield, IA, and Glacier National Park, MO.


Two new inexpensive products are now available that allow people to engage with the energies of the Crystal Earth Grid in an affordable way:

Three Crystal Earth Beacons were installed, one in Austin, TX, one in Fairfield, IA and the third in Laguna Niguel, CA.


Two webcasts shared the project’s vision, mission, origins, and an explanation of the technology and Crystal Earth Pavilion:


Crystal Earth Pavilion of New Mexico

A potentially ideal 30-acre project site has been identified near Santa Fe and we have received significant donations to acquire this land. We are working to close the acquisition in the first quarter of 2017.
Crystal Earth Pavilion design refinements feature a large “Temple Seed” in a kiva-like space below the massive base crystal.


A draft phased development plan for the Crystal Earth Pavilion (CEP) site has been created:

  • Phase 1 – Land acquisition, permitting and initial crystal feature;
  • Phase 2 – Functional CEP space including excavation, crystals and roof;
  • Phase 3 – Complete main CEP, visitor center & ancillary experience structures;
  • Phase 4 – Complete site development including potential small retreat center.


Community Participation and Fundraising

An Inaugural Event gala weekend in Santa Fe successfully introduced the project to aligned groups and individuals, many of whom are now actively participating in the project.


The project hosted regular Crystal Earth gatherings in Santa Fe for the community to stay connected with project updates. We are confident these gatherings will evolve into working meetings for project supporters and volunteers. As we move into 2017 there will be the need for many capable hands and inspired hearts working with the project!

A Benefit Auction offered a range of opportunities for active project involvement including donating and purchasing items and services. The 2016 Benefit Auction and associated raffle raised $17,000 and laid the groundwork for continuing connection with supporters through an ongoing Benefit Auction in our online shop.