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Global Healing Telegatherings

Join us each month for a powerful experience of the wisdom and new healing energies available through Mother Earth.

Working to transform humanity through Mother Earth’s new cosmic energies

Global Healing Telegatherings

Join Matthew Reifslager each month for insights and energy attunements to navigate this time of change on Mother Earth. This event is free.

Crystal Earth Healing Tools

Connect to the multidimensional healing energies created by Crystal Earth Seeds planted in the ground in sacred places around the world.

New Moon Webinars

Join Carol Miseo-Hardin as she leads you through simple practices to ground and integrate the new earth energies into your physiology.

Crystal Earth Seed Planting Initiative

The Crystal Earth Project is planting a network of Crystal Earth Seeds in sacred places around the world. These special Seeds engage and amplify the earth’s existing energy grid and make it more accessible to humanity. As the Crystal Earth energy grid grows, it helps to bridge the vibrational gap between human collective consciousness and the elevated energies of Mother Earth.

Planting the Crystal Seed was energetically and spiritually moving. I was transformed and transfixed by the experience. Every one of us walked away blessed in some form, more awakened by the Seed’s crystalline energy.”

—Joyce Bogosian, participant at a Crystal Seed planting

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The Crystal Earth Project is filled with love — for the earth, for humanity, for all life. I’m deeply grateful for the ancient knowledge and technologies being shared, for the sacred spaces which help us remember and be who we really are.

— JoAnne Dodgson, Healer & Universal Teacher

Project Leaders

Matthew Reifslager, Founder of the Crystal Earth Project

Matthew founded the Crystal Earth Project after receiving insight and guidance about a powerful crystalline technology that can support humanity’s rise to new heights of evolution. Through Reifslager Clinic he works as a multidimensional healer, spiritual teacher, and medical intuitive. Matthew also remains directly involved with the Crystal Earth Project in a leadership role.

Angela Lynch, Director of the Crystal Earth Project

Angela has extensive experience creating, developing and directing programs for intentional holistic communities and wellness spas. She managed and edited business plans for several international development projects focused on healing and awakening. In her role as director of the Crystal Earth Project, Angela’s focus is on community relations, fundraising, and project expansion.

Carol Miseo-Hardin, Coordinator of Crystal Earth Seed Plantings

Carol is an energy healing practitioner with her own private practice. She also teaches instructional classes for activating and grounding subtle energies in the body through breath and movement. Carol has worked closely with founder Matthew Reifslager since the inception of the organization. In addition to coordinating Seed plantings, Carol also oversees the sales and distribution of the Crystal Earth Healing Tools.

I feel very blessed and excited to be part of a project that is in support of humanity’s healing and spiritual awakening. I love the intention of supporting Mother Earth in her continual quest to assist us in our transformation process. This project is in alignment with my personal path and purpose in this life.

— Rick Bastine, Sound Healer

Contact Information

Angela Lynch
Project Director

Carol Miseo-Hardin
Coordinator of Crystal Earth Seed Plantings

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