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The goal of the Crystal Earth Project is to facilitate healing and awakening for humanity and the full manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

With the help of technologies that utilize Mother Earth’s healing energy, we are looking for negativity and suffering to diminish, and peace, compassion, and Wholeness to grow in the lives of everyone.

The Archangelic origins of this technology

We say that these technologies were originally created by the Archangelic race, designed in the highest heavens.

But what does that mean?

Put simply, the Archangelic realm exists in the purest, most subtle, most unmanifest dimension of creation. And the Archangelic race is that very subtle manifestation of light, those beings of infinity that serve infinity perfectly and enjoy unity. This realm is like an impossibly fine, but well-tailored, veil of light that sits as a subtle extension of form of the universal soul.

This Crystal Earth Technology was birthed from that finest, most powerful level of creation, where all laws of nature are administered and honored. Therefore, it is timeless — it is not new. But it is just now becoming available on Earth as Mother Earth’s own vibrations ascend to a level of divinity that makes it possible.

The tools of the trade


crystal-seed-lyricUsing copper and crystals, Earth energy enters the seed and spins inside the silent core created by three small, powerful crystals. Through this vortex, Earth energy is amplified. When Crystal Seeds are planted in the ground, a powerful energy grid is enlivened. Learn More >>


crystal-beaconThese dynamic vibrational collectors emit a powerful, protective field of healing energy that purifies and nourishes the land and the beings that live there. The Crystal Beacons serve to ground and connect you to Mother Earth, and bring fulfillment to life. Learn More >>


Crystal 1We are planning nine all-denominational temples in special places of the world where Mother Earth’s holy vibrations are most lively. These temples will employ mammoth crystals to amplify Mother Earth’s life-giving energies in the most profound way. Learn More >>

About the Archangels

Following is part of a transcript from a talk given by Matthew Reifslager, founder of The Wholeness.

Always the Archangels are in service, not only to humanity, but to all of the beings of Creation.

“The Archangels, in their various physiologies, in their various incarnations, must be known as many names and many forms in order to participate and help to administrate the evolutionary curve that all of Creation in this little corner of the Universe abides by.

“And so it is said that the Archangel Gabriel has come to the Earth over time in visions and in visions; and the Archangel Michael has come to the Earth over time in visions and visions. And this is true. But it should not be thought that this is the full presentation of the Archangels.

“It is like a man looking at the surface of the ocean and saying, “Ah, that is beautiful. I will try to walk across it now.” The man looks at the ocean and believes he comprehends it because it is only a surface. However, the moment the man tries to walk across this ocean, unless he is tremendously talented, he will sink into its depths and realize that this ocean, with all of its teaming life, is unfathomable.

“In the same way, to understand the Archangelic race in the context of those few stories of interaction in human history, is not very appropriate. The term Archangel has been used in many ways. What we are referring to are great souls that exist, not on this Earth, but in very high vibrations of consciousness.

“The Archangels are great, loving, beings of light that are assisting humanity in the transition of consciousness from a
world of ignorance to a world of enlightenment.”