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Crystal Earth Yantra
6″ x 6″ copper plate with embossed yantra

Introductory price – $27.00

This sacred design object connects to the Crystal Earth Grid, a multidimensional energy field created by Crystal Earth Seeds planted around the world. The Grid is constantly expanding and includes already-established anchorage in the Himalayas, Andes, Haleakala, the northern and southern Rockies, and many other places of power and transformation.

A great spiritual practice is pilgrimage to holy sites of sacred earth energy. Humanity has an ancient relationship with these places of power. The Crystal Earth Grid brings the influence of many of these holy places into more accessible form through Seeds, Beacons, Pendants, and this Yantra.

The Earth is a conscious being of which the human physiology is a cell. As the Earth’s consciousness evolves through her natural processes, so these evolutionary energies directly affect human physiology and play a major role in the awakening of human consciousness.

The 27 points of the Yantra correspond to cosmic influences currently affecting Mother Earth and mirror the structure of the Crystal Earth Seed.

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(only available in Santa Fe, NM; Laguna Beach, CA; Austin, TX; and Fairfield, IA)