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Donating Artists Video Blogs

Santa Fe artists, healers and humanitarians inspired our Auction for Awakening, a charitable online auction to raise the resources for the first Crystal Earth Pavilion to be built in the sacred lands of northern New Mexico.

The project has been fortunate to receive donations from internationally collected and award-winning artists. We hope you enjoy watching these short Artist Blogs as they share the inspiration for their work and support of the project.

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Teresa Neptune

Teresa exhibits her photographs in Santa Fe and Chicago. Her work is in the permanent collections of The National Museum for Women in the Arts, Washington DC, The State of NM – Art in Public Places, The Historic Santa Fe Foundation and US Equities, among others.

Teresa inspired the Auction for Awakening and donated three pieces to the Auction.

“My joy is to capture fleeting relationships that exist for one moment and are gone forever.”

Paula Von Herff

Born in East Germany, Paula studied painting and drawing at Kalkreuther Institute in Hamburg, Germany and Art History at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

She has lived and traveled throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, North Africa, India, and the US — painting, sketching and exhibiting along the way. Paula now lives in Santa Fe, NM and contributed a piece (which has now sold) to the Auction for Awakening.

Wendy Higgins

Wendy Higgins is a signature member of Oil Painters of America. Her award-winning paintings show nationally and in a gallery on Santa Fe’s Canyon Road. Wendy contributed four paintings to the Auction for Awakening. Two have already sold!

“My painting career is a choice to rest my attention on beauty; the glorious light that flows over, through, and bounces around objects in space. I am grateful that the attention can be there instead of on some less meaningful work done just because I have to pay the bills. This is a privilege that I am grateful for every day.”

James Jereb

James Jereb, PhD, is a self-taught, visionary artist and internationally acclaimed teacher who works in paint, print and stone. James is the creator of Stardreaming, Temples of the Cosmos, a 22-acre sacred stone temple labyrinth complex for the new millennium located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which draws visitors from around the globe.

“Art is a link to Source – Infinity Consciousness. The transformative potential in all of us allows art to be a path of self-knowledge and self-transcendence.

“I hope my creations awaken the divine child within you. Each individual’s awakening will open our hearts and minds to allow us to realize the Oneness of all things visible and invisible.”

James contributed 3 pieces to the Auction for Awakening, one of which has already sold. His Ganesha 1 limited edition Artist Print is one of the featured prizes for the project’s benefit raffle.

Moira Garcia

Moira Garcia is a mixed media artist, printmaker, and bookmaker. She is a graduate of the Institute of American Indian Arts and has exhibited at many galleries in Santa Fe, NM. Moira’s art explores conceptions of living and lost cultural knowledge, journey, and trajectory of Native America.

Moira contributed several art books to the Auction.

Douglas Walker

Douglas Walker’s paintings explore the relationship between individual awareness and infinite God awareness. Many who view his work report inner spiritual transformation and energetic healing.

Douglas contributed 5 paintings to the Auction for Awakening, one of which has already sold.

Ann Burgund

Ann Burgund is a Santa Fe artist known for her serene, multi-layered, textured painting which is reflective of an inner quiet. The viewer is drawn in by the advancing and receding images, personal marking, and by her use of a limited palette of earth tones.

“I find beauty in imperfection, incompleteness and impermanence. It is a beauty of simple things… rustic, worn, and weathered. My process is to first lay down layers of paint, pigment, ash, any remnant of nature. Then take it all away. What remains is a transmission of silence.”

Kimberly Webber

Kimberly Webber’s paintings are meditations on the sacred vision of dreams, the mystery, power and magic of the natural world and the realms of the archetypes who reside in our collective super-conscious. She desires her art to empower the viewer and the planet. Kimberly contributed three paintings to the Auction for Awakening.

Brad Smith

Brad Smith is celebrated as one of the premier artists on Santa Fe’s famed Canyon Road. His paintings encompass contemporary romanticism and abstract expressionism. Brad donated three paintings to the Auction for Awakening.

Message from Director Angela Lynch

Project director Angela Lynch explains the Crystal Earth Pavilions and the inspiration for the online benefit auction.