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Crystal Generators for WORLD PEACE

Mahavakya Crystal Temples

Crystal 3The ultimate goal of the Crystal Earth Project is to help facilitate the building of a small number of “Mahavakya Crystal Temples”, sacred structures that will amplify Mother Earth’s life-giving energies to awaken and bless mankind.

We are helping raise funds for the construction of nine Temples in special places of the world where Mother Earth’s energy is especially lively.

These all-denominational radiators of profound healing energy will use mammoth-sized crystals and copper to amplify and generate the purity of Mother Earth.

The Mahavakya Crystal Temples will quietly, yet powerfully, replace the negativity and suffering in our world with Peace, and Compassion, and Wholeness.

For those who are prepared, visiting a Mahavakya Crystal Temple may trigger a true and sustained spiritual awakening — a spontaneous shift to a new reality, both subjective and objective. True devotees of all religions and spiritual paths are ultimately seeking the simple and established experience of God in their hearts. The Mahavakya Crystal Temples can help to bring about this enlightenment.

Himalaya scenic mountain landscape against the sunset skyThese great Mahavakya Crystal Temples will shine as crown jewels of Mother Earth.

In Nepal, the Andes, Southern France, Australia and elsewhere, sites must be chosen and secured. Many millions of dollars will be needed to authentically apply ancient methods of construction in the creation of these timeless, archetypal buildings — beautiful iconic structures that will radiate the light of life for centuries to come.

The time has arrived to mobilize the resources and build these living monuments, the radiance of which will bless Mother Earth and all souls gathered on Earth.

Learn more about the Crystal Earth Temple project.