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Crystal Earth Pendants

Pendant-gold-300x225Wearing one of these unique and beautiful pendants is an easy way to connect to the crystalline energy grid being created by the Crystal Earth Project.

Crystal Earth Pendants help align your physiology with the enlightened frequencies of Mother Earth. Created using an Archangelic crystalline technology, these beautiful pendants support greater stability and clarity, and experience of subtler aspects of body and mind.

Each pendant is hand-made. The unique design and metalwork supports its energetic purpose.

Pendant-copper-220The Crystal Earth Project is working to create a Crystal Seed Grid by planting Crystal Earth Seeds in sacred, powerful places. This grid serves to amplify Mother Earth’s healing and enlightening frequencies for humanity’s awakening.

When you wear a Crystal Earth Pendant you effortlessly connect to that grid and bring your physiology into greater alignment with Mother Earth’s transformational energies.

All of the crystals used in the Crystal Earth Seeds and Pendants are sourced and cut from the same fair-trade mine in Brazil. By sourcing each crystal from the same mine, a heighted energetic compatibility is created between all of the Seeds and Pendants.

No programming of the crystals is involved. These crystals are simple broadcasters of out planet’s enlightening energy.


Pendant-gold-170Crystal Earth Pendants are a unique tool for awakening:

  • They engage Archangelic crystalline technology to help you metabolize the new elevated frequencies of Mother Earth.
  • They connect your physiology to Earth physiology and the sacred lands where Crystal Earth Seeds have been planted.
  • They help support a grounded, clear experience of mind and emotions.