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A Global Project

10462568_732956116768303_1183620881070798750_nThe Wholeness Crystal Earth Project is a global initiative to support humanity’s healing and full spiritual awakening.

We believe that the enlightening energies of Mother Earth are one of our greatest evolutionary resources. Through an Archangelic crystalline technology, the Crystal Earth Project engages and amplifies the Earth’s healing frequencies for humanity’s transformation.

Our highest goal is the construction of nine Mahavakya Crystal Temples in sacred places where the Earth’s transformational vibrations are especially lively.

These all-denominational structures will use large crystals and copper to engage and amplify Mother Earth’s healing energy, offering individuals of every faith, belief and path the opportunity for a simple, grounded shift in consciousness.

Over the last couple of years, seeds of this crystal technology have been planted in sacred lands around the globe. These Crystal Earth Seeds connect the unique frequencies of these holy locations with the consciousness of an awakening humanity.

bigstock-Earth-sunrise-North-America-wi-46457575What a remarkable time to be here on Earth. Today we are witnessing unprecedented global change and turbulence — a time of transition which many believe will ultimately bring an end to human ignorance and the emergence of a much different world. People are looking deeply into their own hearts for meaningful answers to end individual and societal suffering.

At the same time, a renaissance of true spiritual experience is dawning for many.

Great beings are gathering on Earth and resurrecting the original truths of all religions and spiritual teachings. This growing light is showing us a path through the crumbling chaos of old ways and ignorance.

The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project is now emerging to add its light. It will reintroduce an ancient, crystalline technology of Archangelic origins. This crystal technology seeks to help ensure that this new world fulfills the age-old prophecies of global unity and peace.