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A Crystal Earth Awakening

by Lyric Benson

bigstock-Beautiful-Landscape-48909476Close your eyes and imagine the most profound experience in nature that you have ever had.

How did this change you? Transform you? Awaken you?

Mother Earth is so powerful, immense, lively, and intelligent. She is a remarkable source of wisdom. As human beings we live within her, feed from her, are a part of her. We are like little cells within her great form. We rely so much on the intelligence of her physiology to sustain us — vibrationally and otherwise.

Mother Earth teaches and heals, not through human words, but through vibration. This enlightened vibration is what so much of humanity could be more connected to.

In this modern society, we no longer have the same opportunities to connect with Mother Earth as our ancestors did. Most of us do not spend our days outdoors, steeped in her vibrations. Rather, so much of our days are focused on computers, cell phones, and televisions. This has caused the human body to derive much of its subtle forms of energy from the buzz of collective human consciousness, rather than Earth-consciousness.

To help counter this, in just over a year, The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project (a 501c3 non-profit) has traveled from Nepal, to the Andes, to Israel, to Norway, to sacred lands across the US, planting Crystal Earth Seeds to amplify the powerful energy of Mother Earth & help awaken humanity. Sacred lands are like power points on Mother Earth. When the Crystal Seeds are planted within them, they work in a grid-like fashion to amplify Earth energy and broadcast it to humanity.

Through this powerful Archangelic Crystal Grid Technology, humanity will benefit globally from the awakening power of the Mother Earth. Individuals across the world can also keep these Crystal Seeds in their homes so even if they do not quest to these holy lands, they feel the vibrations of them broadcasting into their living environment.

The Crystal Earth Project also uses Crystal Earth Beacons to protect individual’s living spaces with the purifying energy of our divine planet. A woman with a Crystal Earth Beacon in New York commented,“The energy of my beacon is life-changing and peaceful. I feel an illumination of conscious awakening on a subtle level and grounding energy infused with peace and harmony.”

The Project is working on erecting a Crystal Earth Temple in New Mexico within the year.

For those who are prepared, visiting a Mahavakya Crystal Earth Temple may trigger a true and sustained spiritual awakening — a spontaneous shift to a new reality, both subjective and objective.

True devotees of all religions and spiritual paths are ultimately seeking the simple and established experience of God in their hearts. The Mahavakya Crystal Temples can help to bring about this enlightenment. The time has arrived to mobilize the resources to build these living monuments, the radiance of which will bless Mother Earth and all souls gathered on Earth.

This 501c3 non-profit organization is questing around the Earth to assist humanity in greater awakening, so that our bodies can sing with Mother Earth’s enlightenment. They hope to plant Crystal Earth Seeds in Iao Valley, Oahu, South Africa, South of France, and two in India very soon. The Project would like to have 10,000 Crystal Earth Seeds planted as soon as possible, because the more Seeds within sacred lands of Mother Earth, the more powerful the Crystal Grid becomes. To learn more about their amazing work visit:

Lyric Benson is a spiritual singer/ songwriter, and lived for 8 years as a Vedic monk. She has worked closely with The Wholeness Crystal Earth Project since it’s inception. Lyric gives lectures around the island, and the world, to inspire individuals to participate in this remarkable project.